Here at Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water, we made the conscious choice more than 20 years ago to not be part of the problem associated with the bottled water industry. We looked at all the waste and the environmental impacts of single use plastics that so many bottled water company’s use to package their water and decided not to follow the pattern. Instead, focusing on providing the best quality, pure natural spring water to our community with the least environmental impact. We strive every day to reduce our environmental footprint and make a real difference to the planet that provides for us.

With the vision of a sustainable, environmentally friendly spring water supply, we started out with refill stations at some of the larger local festivals and events in our region. We spent a lot of time in developing a system in which we could safely and hygienically refill containers for the public, on a large scale. The end result was refill stations that had a unique custom made bottle retention system, which aligned the neck of the container being refilled, with the filler head, without allowing the container to come into contact with the filler. These refill stations allowed us to refill any type of clean containers that customers already had, with pure natural spring water. Each bottle refilled provided an immediate reduction of single use containers, and a practical, real difference to the environment. Over the years we have realized our vision of reducing single use plastics, as we have already refilled millions of containers, and with the help and support of our community, reduced the effects of single use containers on our environment by a remarkable amount.

Today we provide a home delivery service of reusable, refillable and returnable 15lt BPA free bottles, each of which can be reused up to 50 times, which equates to a possible saving of up to 1250 single use 600ml plastic bottles. Allowing our customers to refill their own containers at home for day to day use and eliminating the need to purchase or use single use containers.

We also adapted our concept of the refill stations by providing our customers with the ability to refill their own clean containers at quality outlets throughout our region. The outlets we have are passionate about the environment and have been amazing in facilitating these refill stations for the benefit of the environment and the health and well-being of our customers. These refill stations provide the largest environmental savings and positive environmental impact, as every step in the process, from distributing the water from the spring, to decanting into the customers containers, is provided with the smallest carbon footprint per litre of any retail spring water available. This is due to the fact that we can deliver the water in larger quantities, in our state of the art fuel efficient delivery vehicles, with the latest emission controls and standards. Plus, our recently added plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, for smaller delivers and servicing.

We are also utilizing solar pumping and off grid technologies in our processes and factory to constantly improve as an environmentally sustainable spring water supplier. We are focused on providing the highest quality natural spring water possible, with the lowest environmental footprint.

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