Refill, Reuse, Repeat – Find your nearest refill outlet

Can I reuse a Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water bottle?

Yes, you certainly can. Provided you only use the water bottle for water. All our bottles are Australian made, reusable, refillable and recyclable.

Is there a Minimum Quantity that I must Buy?

Most of the time the minimum purchase is 1 litre, so feel free to take full advantage of our local reseller self-service bars where you can refill your own containers and purchase virtually any quantity by the litre.

Are there Chemicals in the Water?

All our water is pure natural spring water, free of chemicals and additives.

Do you filter your water?

Yes. While Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water is food grade and passes all bottled water standards at the source; due to legislative requirements, we filter our water as the final stage in the quality assurance process prior to bottling. This process has no effect on the taste and mineral composition of our water, and the analysis is the same regardless of if the sample is taken direct from the spring, or after the filtration.

How is the water delivered and stored?

The water rises naturally at a temperature of between 15-17 degrees. Due to this, we collect the water fresh and deliver in temperature controlled refrigerated vehicles. This way we can ensure that the water is delivered in its pristine natural state, fresh, just the way nature intended. 

Is Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater alkaline water?

With a PH level of 5.4 it is not typically classified as “Alkaline Water”. However, the natural make up of our water is alkaline forming. Regardless of the pH level, it is minerals such as bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium within the spring water that alkalise the blood. Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater’s alkaline forming properties help to increase your body’s ability to detoxify; balancing the body’s systems and providing energy the natural way, making it water that should be enjoyed every day for improved health and wellbeing.

Can I buy Water in smaller bottles?

Some of our resellers do have Beerwah Natural Spring Water bottled ready to go in 1lt bottles, that are designed to support our Refill, Reuse, Repeat initiative. However, we always urge our customers to refill their own containers and help reduce their environmental footprint. The refill stations allow for all shapes and sizes of containers.