Easiest ways to drink more water

Feeling fatigued, having difficulty concentrating, feeling like you have fog on the brain or muscle cramps and headaches? All are signs of a lack of water. Find out how to drink more water and feel better.

Working out a simple way of how to drink more water isn’t always as easy as it sounds. While most of us understand that water is vital for us to consume to maintain health, consuming enough of the clear liquid goodness can sometimes be an uphill battle. Getting yourself a good quality reusable water bottle and keeping it in a place that’s visible to you throughout the day is one of a few simple strategies you can employ to stay hydrated, healthy, and generally feel well.

  • Set a daily goal of how much water you should be drinking. This needs to be suited to your body type, size, and your daily activities. What suits one person may not work with another, so it is important to set yourself a goal that works for you and strive for that. (In general, 2-3 litres per day for adults is enough)
  • Find a water that you like to drink. Although I would love to tell you to only drink Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water as it tastes the best (it is my favorite tasting water), the truth is everyone has a different taste pallet. So look into the water quality, find the best possible water you can and see how you like the taste. Once you find one you like, you will be on your way to better health. (I am confident that if you taste the pure, natural, chemical, and additive free Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water, you will have found your water😉)
  • Set reminders. Use the technology at your fingertips to remind yourself to take a drink of water. Write a physical note or add to your diary or daily worksheet. The constant reminders to drink more water, will eventually become a healthy habit.
  • One of the best ways to get more water into your body is to swap out one or more of your existing daily beverages for water. I’m not saying ditch the teas or coffee, as they are generally made on water to begin with, but if you drink soft drinks, sports drinks or energy drinks you are consuming a tone of unnecessary chemicals, sugar and or artificial sweeteners. By swapping just one of these out for water will help achieve your goal of increasing your water intake. For the ultimate and most notable difference to your health coming from substituting all drinks containing chemicals, sugars, and artificial sweeteners with a good quality water such as Mt Beerwah Natural Spring Water. What I am trying to say is you are sabotaging yourself if you exercise and eat healthy, if you poison your body with chemicals, sugars, and artificial sweeteners.

In conclusion, staying adequately hydrated with good quality water, in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet, will be a fundamental part of your health and well-being. If you combine this with movement or exercise, you will notice a healthier happier you 😊

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